About us

about us


After education, while contemplating on acquiring a skill for self- employment, a job was offered by FRP Vehicle Parts from the town of Kalady in Kerala. The opportunity to learn the basics of fibre work started here. And while working here, there was also a job offer from Vazhakala fibre door making company. This made it possible to assimilate more knowledge and experience on door making. The desire to manufacture doors and distribute was born here.

In order to create the working capital for starting the firm, I worked in my brother’s company (Hi-Tech) for a year and a half in Sales. Subsequently in the year 2000, HIGHNESS DOORS was launched as a start-up firm adjacent home. Since it was a small unit and many orders were not procured, the production and sales was managed single handed.

There was an intense desire to manufacture and sell 30 doors a month. Call it a self-target! Where there is a will, there is a way and so in 2001, business started picking up to the extent of 30 orders a month. Thus the first line of recruiting of labour was initiated so that I could focus more on the marketing front.


The biggest turning point was in 2004-2005 when we received work orders from Kalamassery Medical College. This led to a professional approach of understanding that it is time for an office to function and also to appoint a Manager to oversee operations. And then there was no looking back.

By 2015-2016, the concept of interior design had undergone a major change in people’s minds. Earlier, PVC plastic doors were the major competition. But with the introduction of carved doors in the market, it changed the trend and preferences of people. This led the way for more business for HIGHNESS.