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From Humble Beginnings to Thriving Excellence

Our journey began after completing my education, when I sought a skill for self-employment and was offered a job at an FRP Vehicle Parts company in Kalady, Kerala. It was here that I delved into the basics of fiber work, laying the foundation for my future endeavors. While working there, I received another job offer from a Vazhakala fiber door making company, allowing me to further expand my knowledge and experience in the field of door manufacturing.

Inspired by these experiences, the desire to manufacture and distribute doors was ignited within me. To gather the necessary working capital, I dedicated a year and a half to working in my brother’s company, Hi-Tech, in Sales. In the year 2000, I took a leap of faith and launched HIGHNESS DOORS as a start-up venture near my home. Initially, as a small-scale operation, I managed both production and sales single-handedly, with the goal of manufacturing and selling 30 doors per month.

Mr. Sathar

CEO, Highness Doors

Embracing Innovation and Expanding Horizons

Through determination and perseverance, our business gradually started to flourish. In 2001, we began to receive 30 orders per month, prompting the recruitment of labor and allowing me to focus more on the marketing aspect of the business. A significant turning point came in 2004-2005 when we secured work orders from Kalamassery Medical College. This marked a shift towards a more professional approach, leading us to establish an office and appoint a dedicated Manager to oversee operations. From there onwards, our growth trajectory was unstoppable. By 2015-2016, the concept of interior design had evolved significantly in people’s minds. Carved doors had emerged as a preferred choice, surpassing the previous competition posed by PVC plastic doors. As a result, our business flourished even more, as HIGHNESS became synonymous with quality and innovation in the door manufacturing industry.

Our success is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products and exceeding customer expectations. Today, HIGHNESS DOORS stands tall as a trusted and leading provider of premium doors, catering to the evolving needs and preferences of our valued customers.

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